Saturday, September 3, 2016

A few things (my latest brushes in the entertainment world)...

Hello, and welcome to an update from me, David Garry (The actor, producer, filmmaker, and the proprieter of DAVIDGARRY.COM ...sooo many titles. Heh). 

A few things on the horizon that I have pride in sharing. I thank you (as always) for your support and interest. You've gotten this far in clicking a link and started reading... thanks for coming on this mini-journey with me. I personally love to hear about successes others have...I (in turn) wanted to share mine: 

1) I am excited to be in a film that is being selected by film festivals and being seen by people out there in the world. This is Barrett Gregory's 'The Parallel Project'. Not only is it being selected by film festivals, it's also winning some awards, too! 

WEBSITE (with trailer) for 'The Parallel Project' 
FACEBOOK PAGE for 'The Parallel Project' 
IMDB for 'The Parallel Project' 

2) My own film, 'Deaners' (documentary about the fans of James Dean), has had it's first official film festival selection by Louisville International Festival of Film! It will have it's public 'World Premiere' on October 14, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. I'll be there along with our Director of Photography/Editor Sam Webb. 


WEBSITE (with teaser trailer) for 'Deaners' 
FACEBOOK PAGE for 'Deaners' 
INSTAGRAM for 'Deaners' 
IMDB for 'Deaners' 
TICKETS and INFO for Louisville Festival of Film 

3) I am currently opening myself up to consider new representation commercially and theatrically. It's an exciting time. I will look forward to putting the feelers out and meeting with potential matches so that I can get myself back into TV, Film, and Commercials moreso (as an actor). 

That's about it... good stuff abound. Yay 2016! 


David Garry 

WEBSITE for David Garry
FACEBOOK PAGE for David Garry
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IMDB for David Garry 

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