Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Give it 100...

Today is Day 1... of 100.    

But first, let me back up and share why before the what. I just released my latest agent who represented me across the board (commercially and theatrically for film/television). Although this agent was supportive, I'd love to be able to get out there more, get in front of casting directors for auditions, and hopefully work towards adding more credits on my resume and IMDB page.

My last agent-secured audition was in September 2014. I'm not bitter... I just want better.

I've gotten work before as an actor, and would love to be able to do so again.

And admittedly, I've gotten sidetracked (or chose a different direction) for the past year with my passion project film that I'm proud of having churned out, my short documentary about the fans of James Dean, 'Deaners'. I'm submitting it to film festivals currently...

So... back to 100 days. I had been inspired before by the idea of doing something for 100 days. It can be spending a little time each day on learning guitar, or getting better at touching your toes, or improving at archery, or... here's the website on it, that served as inspiration: Give it 100.

Previously (a couple years back), I had done 100 days to just eat healthier and exercise. I had done this with a group, checking in daily, watched others waiver in their commitment or drop out of it, and hung with those few that remained fully committed the entire time. I had lost 18 lbs, and had felt pretty healthy overall. More than anything, glad that I stayed committed, not allowing myself to go back on my word.

Now, I'm looking to give my word again (putting it in this blog serves as such) and take this specific 100 days and focus in the smallest of increments on getting back on track acting-biz wise (and health wise). A little split, but there's only so much I can do while I spend most of my summer with a primary focus of being up at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times at my job, serving kids with cancer.

I'm doing this 100 days solo on my own path, and will just keep a journal on what I did each of the days towards my goals: Having a solid plan come late August to get back into the acting world, to have all my marketing tools ready, targeted efforts figured out, while also just being healthier (losing weight, adding in more exercise, making healthy choices in eating, etc.). At the very least, I'll be working towards getting 10,000 steps on my fitbit each day.

Tough part is Camp has delish, unhealthy food...but while having healthy options, as well. And these are long days from waking up to beddy-bye time...the last one would want to do is exercise. But I have faith in my commitment to have self-control, at the very least.

August 25th... last day.  Of the 100 days, that is.        

Some ducks in a row I have already...        

  • a relatively updated website and demo reel at DAVIDGARRY.COM 
  • cleared the decks for new agent and/or manager representation that I'll consider. 
  • recent headshots 
  • started exercising more and saying no to fat fat fatty stuff.

Anywho, that's my latest update... hold a good thought for me. :)


David Garry

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