Monday, December 29, 2014

David Garry's 2014 form letter, cause I felt I wanted to share. Happy New Year!

Hello, and Happy Early New Year! 

Once in a rare while, I like to share a New Years eve update on my year with ya, and let you know I'm holding a good thought for 2015 to be awesome for all of us. 

Last year, I rang in the New year in San Diego, and then (as it's perfect time for resolutions) had started a commitment in mid-January to eat better and exercise daily for 100 consecutive days, while reporting my activity daily to a group on Facebook. I did just that with just a wee handful of mishaps, and lost 18 lbs! I've since gained it back (and then some), so will be trying a different mindset for the long haul. Heh. Perhaps just eating when I'm hungry. I've heard that may help. ;) 

Some volunteers and myself at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times

As I worked more to settle into my new home in the valley (after having moved in, in late November, 2013), I also had trips during the year to Las Vegas in April, to my home state of CT and NYC (getting to see long distance family, friends, and shows) in October, and Big Sur/Monterey in November. 

A significant adventure this year (apart from those 3) involved going to Camp. From June through August, I did my job up at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times (near Idyllwild, CA) for children with cancer and their siblings.  It was an amazing, life-changing experience that really put things into perspective, and it was great to meet and work with the volunteers that I coordinate throughout the year for my job. Let me know if you'd be interesting in volunteering for a summer session (even if you're long distance and willing to travel). You won't regret it, I promise. 

Some cast and crew of 'Walk-Ons' 

In 2014, in my entertainment world (and brushing with notoriety):

  • I did my first Casting Director job for a short film, 'Walk-Ons', a highschool romance mixed with paintball, in which I also played a small part:

  • I played a small part as a first officer on a plane in Season 3 of the webseries, 'Where the
    Behind the scenes of 'Where the Bears Are'
    Bears Are':  

  • And I had been honored to be featured in a book entitled 'Legendary Locals of Middletown', which shares bios of people who had been born in (or were residents of) Middletown, CT, who had made some interesting achievements.   I feel humbled at the mere notion of being considered 'legendary'. I certainly hope to accomplish more in my lifetime in order to deserve that title (at least in my mind). 

Towards the end of this year (November), I completed the Big Sur international half-marathon on Monterey Bay. Training for and successfully finishing it was a great achievement for a first time, and at the age of 42 (the magical 'answer to everything'). I finished the 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

My 20 year anniversary in LA on Hollywood Blvd
In November, I had also celebrated 20 years of living in Los Angeles (the most I've lived anywhere). A place I can proudly call home.

Beyond some specific fun times I had in going with a group to rollerskate at Moonlight Rollerway or hang at Magic Mountain, I filled out my year also with parties, hikes, bike rides, dinners, brunches, shows, game nights, friends, returning (and new) traditions, etc.

And lately, I've had obsessions with James Dean, Simon Sinek (of Ted Talks fame), and 'Pippin' the musical (with seeing the revival twice this year). 

This was a good year overall for me...mucho better than 2013, of course, overall. I look forward with optimism at 2015, and to more time spent with you in it! 

Best wishes for a New Year for you...


David Garry