Monday, January 30, 2017

'Deaners' adventure to Louisville International Festival of Film!

A little overdue, but here's an update on the World Premiere of 'Deaners'! 

‘Deaners’, our short documentary on the fans of James Dean, was shot in Fairmount, Indiana in 2015 during the annual James Dean Festival. It had its ‘World Premiere’ (first screening open to the public) a little over a year later on Friday, October 14, 2016 at the Louisville International Festival of film

Hundreds of films were submitted to this Louisville film festival, and it was an honor to have ‘Deaners’ selected to be a part of it! Actor Conrad Bachmann (from episodics, features, and over 400 commercials since the ‘60s) originally wanted to create a ‘Cannes for Kentucky’ in Louisville, his hometown. This 8th annual film festival was held at the Galt House Hotel (overlooking the Ohio River). 

With Phil Keoghan
Amongst notable special guests were Phil Keoghan (host of ‘Amazing Race’) who shared his feature length documentary, ‘Le Ride’ and I was also very fortunate to have met Florence Henderson (Carol Brady from ‘The Brady Bunch’) who had passed on just a little over a month later. She was in attendance for the film
With Florence Henderson
festival and she also had received a Kentucky Legends of Fame induction.  "Here's a story...of a lovely lady"...that I had caught on camera phone myself when she was receiving her induction...

Florence Henderson receiving induction to Kentucky Legends of Fame

There were parties, dinners, seminars for filmmakers, and more over the 3-day festival during Oct. 13th-15th.

Interviewed on red carpet
The audience who had witnessed ‘Deaners’ offered up an excited applause after it had finished, and each had made a point to shake my hand with a ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Thank you’ for the creation of the film. Some had let me know that they hadn’t heard of the James Dean festival before, and were very intrigued. 

Later in the eve, one filmmaker (who teaches film students) caught up with me and let me know he wanted to eventually share the film with his class as a good example in this type of
Posing as jockeys with a family who loved the film 
documentary filmmaking. Also a family (who came to visit their son who is currently attending the University of Louisville) had wanted to get a family photo with me. They were very complimentary of the film. This all felt good after all of the hard work that had been put into ‘Deaners’ and I’m proud of the finished product, along with all those who’ve helped to make the film happen...credits here

We are currently still in film festival season, waiting for notifications from others that 'Deaners' has been submitted to. This will take us through towards the end of 2017. We’ll announce in a few sites (below) the when/where of screenings if selected, of course! Please follow along. We'd love your support with just a 'like', 'follow', or bookmark:


1.  (our website with much more information, teaser trailer, photos, credits of those who’ve helped or took part in it, and more).
2. (our facebook page for the film with regular updates).
3.     Instagram: deaners_the_movie  (our Instagram page for the film with regular updates).
4.     Teaser Trailer also here on YouTube

Stay tuned for other ways to see the film down the road. Thanks again for your support!

David Garry

Producer / Director of ‘Deaners’
Stuffed Whale Productions 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

David Garry's 2016 form letter, cause I wanted to share...

Hello, and Happy Early New Year! 

In Downtown Los Angeles
I like to share a Year's End Wrap-Up, and also let you know I'm holding a good thought for 2017 to be good for all of us on a personal level. 

Barring 2016 election and voting results, I choose to focus on the positives and I feel I had a good personal year overall. 

I filled out my year (as I typically do) with parties, hikes, bike rides, dinners, brunches, plays/shows, game nights, friends, returning (and new) traditions, catching up on nominated films, attending screenings, etc. 

In my creative (and entertainment industry) world this year:
Playing Mr. Krabs boss-fan for Nick commercial 
  • I assisted as location manager for a Rogue Division snow shoot in Wrightwood, CA (Athena). 
  • Shot a commercial with awesome DP Eric Bader where I played a boss man who's really into Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Squarepants. 
  • I had finished my short documentary 'Deaners' (on
    Deaners Screening at Busby's (LA)

    the fans of James Dean) with the help of many through post production (all credits here), had a private screening at Busby's in Los Angeles- 3 albums from that event here, here, and here. And the film had been officially selected by Louisville International Festival of Film, where the World Premiere of my film was held. I flew to Indiana to
    Deaners Screening at Busby's (LA) 
    return to Fairmount (where 'Deaners' was shot) so I could
    Interviewed on Red Carpet at Louisville FF
    visit when it was quieter, and I had driven down to Louisville, Kentucky for the festival where I got to meet
    Meeting Florence Henderson at Louisville FF
    Florence Henderson there, have my film seen by more audiences, and celebrate the success of an official selection... 
  • I signed up for the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, and have been taking classes, attending industry seminars, etc. 
  • I had signed with a new commercial agent, the Jana Luker Talent Agency
  • A film that I proudly had a part in, 'The Parallel
    Project' (written, directed, and produced by my buddy Barrett Gregory) has racked up a good amount of selections, wins, and nominations. I had attended a couple of
    screenings for it, as well. 

For Trips this year: 
With buddy Chad and his 'rents in Carrollton, GA
  • I went to Atlanta in February for the American Camp Association Conference, and then went to my buddy Chad's hometown of Carrollton, GA. 
  • Had a Camping trip with a group to Wind Wolves Preserve
    Wind Wolves Camping Group 
    (outside of Bakersfield, CA), where it rained most of the time but we camped under a pavilion, and had a good ol' bonding time. 
  • Took a trip to Seattle, and caught up with a few friends there (Mike, Gary, and Tracy). 
    With Mike at Snoqualmie Falls, WA
  • And of course, the Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky trip in the fall for my return to Fairmount, and
    At Pike Place Market with Gary in Seattle, WA
    the World Premiere of 'Deaners' in Louisville. 
With Tracy on Ferry, Seattle WA

In the Camp World (with my job as Volunteer Coordinator for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times) this year: 
  • We had our annual Walk for Kids to help raise funds
    to keep Camp cost-free for our campers (shout out to those who sponsored me on the Walk this year!). 
  • I planned a get-together for our Camp Volunteers of a 'Onesie Funsie' Party - a pajama movie night.
  • During the summer each year, I'm away at Camp,
    of course, near Idyllwild, CA (2 hours from where I live)... and help in many ways with the program. SO great to just focus on the world up 
    there... and it's indeed rewarding, helping bring
    smiles to the faces of campers who've been affected by cancer. Watch a quick  VIDEO
      from this summer to get a sense!
  • I planned our End of Summer Party, thanking our
    Volunteers...this year was at the beach with some Olympic-themed outdoor competitive games with prizes, etc. 
  • We had our Heroes for Healing Fall Fundraiser
  • And our Camp Holiday Party 
  • I'm also putting together a straight-to-YouTube faux-workout infomercial that I did with another Camp Staff ('Ringo') at Camp during some off time. Here's a cheeser teaser-   

Some Other Notable Happenings for me this year: 
  • A visit from buddy Tom (from NY) for my B-day
    With buddy Tom at Santa Monica pier
  • A Super Bowl show taping at the James Corden
    Super Bowl fun at James Corden taping
    show with Camp Folk... 
  • Time spent in the Kenneth Kendall Studio (the artist who originally designed the James Dean bust) 
  • Seeing Blake Lewis perform 
  • My first Renaissance Faire
  • Ren Faire
  • Tripp and Diana wedding
  • Tripp and Diana wedding
  • Sheena and Ronnie wedding
    Sheena and Ronnie Wedding
  • Big Shows I had seen- Newsies, 42nd Street, Cabaret, View from a Bridge, Fantastiks 

  • Halloween as the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow 
  • James Dean's last drive on way to do the...
  • Big Sur Half Marathon... did it in 2 hours: 42 minutes 
    Big Sur Half-Marathon Finisher
  • Holiday happenings- I always love seeing 'A Christmas Carol' at Independent Shakespeare Company, and catch a performance of Dr. Pinch and the Pinchtones, and a bunch of other traditional events for me. 
At 'A Christmas Carol' with Independent Shakespeare Co.
Near the top of Little Si outside of Seattle, WA
This was a good year overall for me... Again, barring politics at hand, I look forward with optimism at 2017 (on a personal level), and look forward to more time spent with you in it! 

Best wishes for the New Year for you... My wish for you and for me


David Garry