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Part 7 of 7 (9/30/15, DAY FIVE): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot!

This is Part 7 of 7. 

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September 30th is the anniversary of the death of James Dean. He died in a tragic car accident in Cholame, CA (on the way to a race that would take place in Salinas the following day). 2015 marks the 60th anniversary since that fated day in 1955. 

On this day in Fairmount, Indiana there are traditions in place to continue to remember and celebrate James Dean. 

Sam (Dir.of Photography), Deaners Naomi Yamada, and Katherine L. Fogg
Day Five for 'Deaners' was with just a 1-man crew! It was Sam Webb, our Director of Photography, who had not only shot footage on his camera, he also rigged up a boom and/or shotgun mic, when necessary to catch any sound that was needed. I had already gone back to L.A. by this point, and Russell was back at Ball State University. 

Maxwell Caulfield at Memorial Service
There was a lunch put on at the Back Creek Friends church. This preceded the Memorial Service there. This particular church was the one that James Dean would go to as a young'n with family. There was a good number of speakers at the memorial service, including Phil Ziegler, Lee Raskin, Lew Bracker, and Maxwell Caulfield (of Grease 2 and Empire Records fame). I'm SO sad I missed meeting Maxwell Caulfield. Most who knew me in elementary school know how much I loved Grease 2. Dang. 

At the grave of James Dean, 60 years to the day of the accident. 
Those that were at the memorial service then made their way on foot to the nearby Park Cemetery (James Dean's final resting place). This is where Naomi Yamada had ceremoniously placed her handmade 1,000 paper crane bouquet on the grave with the help of others. Group photos were taken... and all readied for a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion that was to happen next on the agenda. 

Sam capturing the monument at the JD birth site after the dedication ceremony
David Loehr of the James Dean Gallery had spearheaded a project to put a monument and park at the actual birth site of James Dean, just 10 miles away in Marion, Indiana. It came out beautifully, and the dedication ceremony was emceed by Pamela Des Barres, with speakers also including Lew Bracker and Marcus Winslow Jr. Maxwell Caulfield was on hand to cut the ribbon at the well-attended dedication. 

Candelight vigil around the grave at night on Sept. 30th
Deaners then went back to the grave as night fell, to hold a candlelight vigil at 8:45pm (the time of 5:45pm PST) when the fateful accident occurred. People shared stories, lines from his films, remarked on how he brought them together, and spent this time together as a group, thanking him, making wishes, and celebrating his life. 

All of this day Sam was able to catch moments to use for the film... and by the end of the day, 'Deaners' the film was officially wrapped (shooting finished). 

Official poster art for 'Deaners', the film 
A good number of hours of footage was shot over 5 days for this short form documentary. And we look forward to sharing the finished product for audiences out there in the world. The film should be completed by the beginning of February 2016. Next step after that, it would be submitted for film festivals to hopefully garner attention and larger audiences, rolling the dice for the chance for it to be played in different theaters. After festival season is over, and the chances of it playing in theaters in different locales has come to an end, it will then be released online for all to see. There is a lot that goes into the process of finishing a film, and we look forward to sharing our steps as we go along on our 'Deaners' Facebook page. Notably (current news), the poster for the film (credits come later) is above, and was recently created by graphic designer (and James Dean lookalike contest participant) Nolan Karwoski. 

It was a great trip to Fairmount, Indiana for the annual James Dean festival. I'm glad that I've documented the trip while it was still fresh in my mind (in this blog), and I'm glad to be able to be so inspired as to produce a film that captures the loyal and dedicated fans of legendary actor and cultural icon, James Dean. 

THE END (of this particular travelogue blog, that is).  ;) 

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Thanks! - David Garry 

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  1. Thanks to you David Garry, and to Sam, Russell, and Rachel too -- for all of your spirit and enthusiasm to capture the entire 40th commemoration of 9-30-55 at the James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana. I can't wait to see "Deaners -- The Movie. James Dean Lives On...Vroom, Vrooooom! Lee Raskin, Brooklandville, MD., James Dean/Porsche historian/author.