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Part 6 of 7 (9/28/15, INDIANAPOLIS): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot!

This is Part 6 of 7. 

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I woke up in the morn at Fairmount Camp around 9am, and eased into it... got some coffee in their rec room, and started loading my little rental car to head off to CMG Headquarters in Indianapolis... 

I wanted one more look at Main Street Fairmount, Indiana to see what it was like after the crowds have all gone. It was still being packed up, but the town was much quieter. I popped by the Fairmount Historical Museum once more, and out front was Phil
Ziegler, Cole Reeves, and I had an opportunity to meet Jason Carpenter, the emcee of the Dance contest and James Dean lookalike contests from Saturday night. Phil was the last guy I talked to before driving out of Fairmount. Such a great spirit. I've talked to him a few times on the phone since then to share what's going on in our lives, in addition to Chad Hanna. :)  I filled up the car with gas ($2.29 a gallon?!). Sooo different than Los Angeles. I don't remember the last time I had seen it below the $3.00 range... 

CMG Worldwide Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN
I was glad to have a rural route to go down towards Indianapolis (the same way I came) to catch all the small towns along the way. I made my way to CMG WorldWide Headquarters (a virtual tour at that website) in Indianapolis. They act as representatives to some celebrities (living or dead) and their estates. Their most famous clients are James Dean, Bettie Page, Betty Davis, Hugh Hefner, some of Marilyn Monroe, and other sports and historical figures. 

Some James Dean items that CMG Worldwide licenses 
They have a museum of sorts where they have some celebrity artifacts at the headquarters, and they also have a gift shop of items that they brand and license out with the celebs likeness and name. It's mostly James Dean and Bettie Page related items that they churn out regularly from their downstairs mail room. Through this and other related reasons, James Dean is #13 for the Top Dead Celebrity Earners of 2015, at 8.5 Million

Around this beautiful building is also artwork, larger framed versions of famous postage stamps featuring these celebrities, a few frames (framed) of celluloid from the actual films such as 'Rebel Without a Cause' or 'Giant', etc... and more. I had been given a tour of the place, and then had met with a couple of attorneys there to get a brief 101 on licensing (James Dean) images and such (that they have jurisdiction over) for my film, if I were to choose to go down that road.  

After we said our goodbyes, I had made my way to the airport in Indianapolis, to prepare for my flight back home to Los Angeles. Sam (Director of Photography) was staying behind in Muncie to be able to go back to Fairmount for one last day of shooting (him being a one man crew) for September 30th...the day of the memorial service and more, which would be exactly 60 years later (to the day) of the tragic accident that had taken James Dean's life... 

To Be Continued... (Part 7 of 7 is below) 

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Here is part 7 of 7: Part 7 of 7 (9/30/15, DAY FIVE): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot! 

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