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Part 3 of 7 (9/25/15, DAY TWO): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot!

This is Part 3 of 7. 

Here's part 1: Part 1 of 7 (9/23/15, ARRIVAL): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot!
Here's part 2: Part 2 of 7 (9/24/15, DAY ONE): Travelogue for 'Deaners' film shoot!

Day Two of shooting 'Deaners' was on Friday, September 25th, 2015. Sam Webb (DP) and Russell Stewart (Sound) and I met in the morning at Fairmount Camp where I was staying. 

This was a super early call of 6:15am, as we needed to be at our first location at 7:00am. I'm not much of a cook (or a morning person, for that matter) but I whipped up some microwaveable frozen items that I got in the grocery store the night before. Heated up egg burritos, pancake/sausage on a stick and cinnamon rolls probably tasted much better than what I could create on my own. ;) 

With Cole Reeves in the Fairmount Historical Museum
We jammed over to the Fairmount Historical Museum to meet with and interview Cole Reeves, president of the board there, and to take a look around the gallery. He had opened the museum early (7am) for us to beat the crowds and lines. There's a good amount of James Dean relics (personal items from childhood into adult hood), props from the films, play programs, motorcycle, furniture of his, and more to take in. Cole talked about the festival and had some fun anecdotes on the stuff we were taking a look at. There was also a Garfield room as Fairmount birthed Jim Davis, as well. And another floor of more history on the town of Fairmount, dating back to Native American days. 

We then went back to the James Dean Gallery to film a little inside before anyone else got there. We were there right as it was opening at 9am, and were there alone with David Loehr for a little bit before the first patrons started to arrive. 

Getting the shot... 
After that, we had some time before our first interview of the day, so we decided to head off to the grave of James Dean. There was only a couple others there (Peter Gallo and his friend Janet) and we were able to catch some cool shots of the grave with rays of light off the top (the way the sun was rising at the time). 

Brand new James Dean birth site monument in Marion, IN
Off we went to the birth site, 10 miles down the road in neighboring town, Marion. The residential building had been leveled some years before which had been the location where James Dean was born. In it's place now, through the hard work of David Loehr, is a monument and park (to commemorate the birth site).  The dedication ceremony was to take place 5 days later (which we caught snippets of) but we caught a glimpse at the scene ahead of time, as it was already open to the public. 

Russell and Sam with Mark Kinnaman
Our first interview of the day was with longtime James Dean fan Mark Kinnaman. He had moved to Fairmount some years before (being a fan of James Dean), and has a remarkable collection. He's the vice president of the James Dean Remembered Fan Club and also is a car enthusiast, and helps run the James Dean Car Run (show) that happens each year during the festival. We were able to catch a glimpse of his collection, artwork on the outside of his home too, and super awesome 50's diner style kitchen complete with booth and jukebox! 

With Ted Bernal Guevara
After leaving Mark's, we stopped to say hello in front of the James Dean Gallery to Ted Bernal Guevara (author of 'Lips of a Mastadon'), and chatted with him on camera for a little bit about his book and all. Then we headed off to catch Main street shut down for booths, carnival rides and more for a little bit. 

We then got a call from Chad Hanna, president of the James Dean Remembered fan club, and were trying to figure out where to have a bite to eat together. We ended up at the Outpost in Fairmount again, but for their lunch menu items this time. 
Sam, Russell, James, Me, and Dean 

We then went back to Base Camp (Fairmount Camp) to set up the cabin to interview James and Dean. They came with manager Rob Jarrell, and their father. We had a great time interviewing them, learning about their connection to the festival and about their music. We have their song 'Forever 24' still stuck in our heads from the evening before... and we all decided that this is one of our favorite photos of the trip/shoot (on the right): 

Jerry and Shirley Payne
Rolling around Fairmount some more on foot, we met gregarious and outgoing Shirley Payne in a lawnchair with others, making jokes about being on camera. We took her up on her offer, and she roped in her husband Jerry to also chat on camera. Such sweet people. They invited us to a BBQ that would take place later on (after only meeting them just mere minutes before!), but we didn't have the time to be able to, in the end. Such is a hospitality of Fairmount folk that we had met. 

We then got more shots at the festival of food, booths, rides, and spent some time at the car run. There we ran into (and interviewed on camera) Gregory Swenson, author of Recipes for Rebels: In the Kitchen with James Dean (this website is SUPER cool, btw... great design). It's a good size book that not only has recipes from those that knew, worked with, or had a connection with James Dean, it goes into the story on each person's connection, and has great photos and artwork, as well. 

By this point, it was a VERY full day and we captured QUITE a lot! We wrapped for the day... 

ABSO Improv Comedy
Then, that night, Russell was to be in an improv show for the troupe that he's a member of at Ball State University (40 miles south of Fairmount in Muncie). ABSO Improv Comedy was so great! Sam and I got to see Russell emcee the show on this evening. It was pretty cool to see him in this light, and performing with the troupe. We were joined by Sam's girlfriend Rachel and a handful of their friends, as well. The troupe was consistently good, all the people were great, and we had a ton of laughs. If you plan to be in the area, like their page to find out about upcoming shows. First timer audience members go for free (?) and returners pay $1. Caliber fun stuff with this group... 

It was a good time, and I ended up heading back to Fairmount after this to catch some Zzzz's. I didn't need to get up that early, but just wanted to decompress and sleep as much as possible as we had a full day ahead.

To Be Continued... (Part 4 Below) 

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