Friday, March 13, 2015

'Until There's A Cure...There's Camp.'

If you're pressed for time, have a lot more to do and see online, and just want to skip to donate to my Walk for Kids page (to help provide Camp for kids with cancer), by all means, get thee to my Donation Page! Thanks so far to those below who've contributed so far!

Purple Team for 'X-treme games' on Cabin Night 
 If you're willing to stick around for a hot sec, learn a little more, maybe watch a quick video, and/or find other ways to be awesome and help : 

I've been the Volunteer Coordinator for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times for nearly 8 years now. This past full summer (of 2014) and Winter (2015), I was able to go up to Camp and do my job from up there for the first time (will also look forward to doing that again this coming summer). 

What an amazing experience it is to be able to be a part of a team of staff and many

With some of our Camp Volunteers before the campers arrive... 
volunteers who donate their time to provide a Camp program for kids with cancer (and their siblings).

Not only is it about fun, there's also outcomes that we actually work on with the campers during the Camp experience (on positive self-identity, social competencies, independence/self-reliance, and providing a sense of support).  

At the Walk for Kids (start line) in Exposition Park, Downtown LA 
I hope that you will join me in providing support for this program for our campers! I will be at the Walk for Kids on Sunday, April 12th at Exposition Park (Downtown LA) coordinating the volunteers for the whole event, and will essentially walk a full 5k on the grounds of the event itself!
To give you an awesome visual and idea of what we do, watch this video! (I can't promise it won't pull at the heartstrings):  
If you are interested in making a secure online donation to help me reach my fundraising goal (I hope ya are!) please visit MY WALK PAGE! At press time, I've surpassed my halfway mark in raising $1,000 and would love to reach my goal with your help. 
Musical Theater activity for Winter Camp (for Teens) 
Thank you SOOO Much (in advance) for your support in helping this very important program and bringing smiles to children with cancer. 

  • If you're interested in volunteering for Camp, go to Apply to be a Camp Volunteer: We'll be finished with interview season by the beginning of April, so apply a-now! 
  • I also (as I said before) coordinate volunteers for the Walk for Kids (Exposition Park in Downtown LA on Sunday, April 12th). We need a good number of volunteers to help make the event happen. If you're interested in helping out, please fill out this quick form:  Locking that in very soon too! 

* Awesome peeps who've conributed so far (and not in any particular order): 
Liz, Eric, Anna, and Tessa Anderson          
Michael Erger                                          
Cabin 1 on Cabin Night. 
Christine Taylor 
Mary McGuire
Maryanne Sweeney
Stuart Atkinson 
Irene Modlin
My Mother and Father 
Dana Blenkin and Daniel Osers
Karen Miller
Brooke and Tom Crawford 
Sean Mullaney 

LOVE and HUGS! - David 'Jingles' (Camp Name) Garry 

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