Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Website has been revamped! Visit DAVIDGARRY.COM

I've had an actor website out here on the world wide web for over 18 years... It might be purty funny and archaic-looking to see what my fledgling Geocities site looked like back in 1997 (before Geocities was acquired by Yahoo in '99). You can choose a color to have as a background, and put a picture up there of yourself?! Cool!

Then, making the leap to Earthlink as my internet service provider in the early 00's, AND getting a website along with it with MegaBytes of space?! Sounds EVEN better. I was having fun building my website on my own, too. A bit clunky and basic, it didn't have any bells and whistles, but I definitely input the code back then and tweaked it on my own, still somewhat proud that I hadn't used a program or third party website builder... just learning how to tweak it with HTML.

Somewhere along the way, when it sounded like getting domain names became pretty easy, I decided to make that new leap to actually own my own domain. It didn't hurt that someone gave me some frank advice beforehand from reading a bio of mine in a play, with 'Are you serious about this being your website address?: Nobody's going to remember that, let alone find that ~ symbol on the keyboard.' Hence, DAVIDGARRY.COM was eventually acquired and created.

Early versions of DAVIDGARRY.COM still seem pretty dated when I look back.
There's been so many changes online and with website building, I decided to make the huge leap and utilize GoDaddy's website builder. SO much easier... and so much better looking, in the end. I can be somewhat of an OCD perfectionist, all about symmetry and all, so this latest incarnation still took a good amount of time for me to put together, and revamp completely from the model I was working from before, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I think it's relatively simple and straighforward, and gets the information across. I'm always open to constructive feedback, though, to enhance the visitors' experience. Feel free to take a little tour... and 3rd mention's the charm: DAVIDGARRY.COM


  1. Yay! I'm glad to see you're keeping up with the Streepses!

    1. Thankya! And thanks for reminding me (indirectly) that I have a blog... that I told myself I'd update at LEAST once a month... :)

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