Wednesday, March 18, 2015

David Garry did a post on Facebook... what happened next was ASTOUNDING!


David Garry did a post on Facebook... and people actually sponsored him on his Walk for Kids, which provides Camp for kids with Cancer... What a great reprieve from thinking about cancer for these kids, taking them out of the hospitals, and giving smiles (and life's socialization lessons) to them! 

So far, 14 donations were made (LIST BELOW!*) to help sponsor David Garry in his Walk, helping him reach 58% of his goal of raising $1,000 !! Please consider contributing! Many want to wait till the end to carry the torch to the finish line (meeting the goal), but everyone who's contributing from the beginning (and till the end) is just as important...and any dollar amount helps... $10, $25, $50, etc... 

             (for more info and to contribute) 

Special thanks so far to those who've helped out so far (in no particular order): 

Liz, Eric, Anna, and Tessa Anderson          
Michael Erger                                          
Christine Taylor  
Mary McGuire
Maryanne Sweeney
Stuart Atkinson 
Irene Modlin
My Mother and Father 
Karen Miller
Brooke and Tom Crawford 
Sean Mullaney 
Amy Grimes
Dana Blenkin and Daniel Osers

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