Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Promo Video was shot for the film!

       On September 1st, a promo video shoot took place for 'The Man Who Loved His Cat'... a near 12 hours was spent getting many shots (for a 2-3 minute clip) to talk about the purpose of doing the film, and to let people know a little bit about what to expect regarding it. There were laughs abound with crazy cat antics, finding unexpected moments throughout the day that weren't on the script page, and general revelry that can be found in creative environments... 

Superstars of the day are Rachel Dunn, Chris Simmons, Michael Messick, Kate Lynne Bundy, Lee Stickler, and I (David Garry) was also excited to be directed (for the first time) by my good friend Jay J. Levy. 

Griffin the (my) cat was on-set all day and was PURRty annoyed with having new surroundings to deal with +  the additional responsibility of working on camera. He's happy to know that for the film itself, the 'Cat' will be played by Cinderella, an actor cat!  

Hopefully, even more peeps will want to follow along on our journey through the process of making this film. There's more pics and regular updates on our Facebook page HERE to 'LIKE' if you haven't just yet! 

In other current Mews, friend Christine Taylor did an awesome marketing image (to the right) for the film, signatory papers will be on their way from SAG-AFTRA soon, and Tom Bottelsen (who will be acting in the film) will also be doing the music for the film (with theme song)! 

Stay tuned for the promo video coming just DAYS away with more info to inspire! 


David Garry 

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