Friday, August 17, 2012

 So excited to have the project cast already, 2 1/2 months before the shooting of it! There's:

Myself (David Garry):

Rachel Winfree:

Michael Dempsey:

Dagney Kerr:

Tom Bottelsen:

And... an Actor Cat who happens to be  the grandchild of Mr. Bigglesworth!

My cat Griffin is getting a little long in the tooth at year 14... I considered having him in it to play the cat (and to have awesome footage of him)... but was concerned about him doing everything the cat needed to do, having never been trained. Enter a cat with trainer... I feel a bit more relieved to have an actor cat! :)

And I'm excited to have my friend and writer/director/producer Jay J. Levy direct it! He's gotten some national/international festival attention for his short film 'Dirty Magazines' in the past coupla years:  (trailer) and launched his website

Also, cool that the writer of the script (Noam Rabinovitch) is found from a posting I had done looking for script submissions...

This is my first time producing a film... I've produced a stage show before of one-act plays... which was quite an undertaking itself with 18 actors, 9 writers and 7 directors... Once I get excited about something, it's 1 out of every 3 thoughts in my head...that was how it was with the stage show before... and now the excitement is building for 'The Man Who Loved His Cat'... pulling focus... and loving having a project to work on!

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