Thursday, September 27, 2012

The DP for 'The Man Who Loved His Cat'!

We're UBER excited to announce the DP (Director of Photography) of our film, Eric Bader! 
He's got a kick-ass reel on his website at: 
if you want to check it out... 
And, he has worked as DP with David Garry on 'Bully', a spec commercial for 'King Kong: The Ride' that won a prize in a contest (you can view that here), and a hilarious Pepto Bismol spec commercial with Dagney Kerr and Dagney Kerr about a meeting gone wrong 
(due to eating a bad burrito) 
set to 80's hit 'Meetin' in the Ladies Room'. You can check that out here
Happy to have him on board! 

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